Love Lust Vector Lettering

The left is my final sketch on paper. The right is the final vector lettering.  

A seemingly simple project still takes lots of planning!  

love vector WIP 1.png

Guides help you draw straight lines. The neon green dots represent anchor points that contributed to the curves of the letter.

 (click on image to enlarge) 

 (click on image to enlarge) 

Lock your guides to avoid accidentally moving or deleting them

I wanted the heart to be symmetrical, and an easy way to do that is to reflect the points on the Y axis. Unite the points that meet in the center to close the vector. 

All the guides for each individual letter or symbol can be overwhelming...

So I grouped the guides for each letter on a different layer. I hide and locked the layers for the letters I wasn't working on to focus on the guides relevant to one letter. 

Vector drawings on top of my  template. I didn't deviate too much from my original sketch, but I later decided to change the size of the L and E