Weekly Snapshots

Ongoing Weekly Snapshots Series (from my Instagram)

I've been more consciously looking for things to photograph with my iPhone ever since I started this weekly project. I'll go for a walk even just around my neighborhood if I find myself wasting time or procrastinating.

Upon a second glance, I just noticed one of the themes in these photos - bicycles. The hipster on the bicycle is a bit of a tired joke at this point - I have to listen to everyone talk about their cars and driving - how is that different than maintaining your bicycle?

I used to commute throughout New York City by bike but the amount of cycling hours do not match my formative years in New Jersey, where I biked for hours every day after school in the warmer seasons. New York City was much more difficult to navigate by bicycle when I first moved here in 2007. Only some streets had bike lanes, and they frequently abruptly ended in midtown. Pedestrians, trucks, and cars stood in the bike lanes on very busy avenues - I couldn't just swerve around and risk getting hit by a car. You wouldn't hail a taxi by standing in the middle of the street - why are you doing it by standing in the middle of a busy bike lane? I've lived in my current apartment on 2nd Avenue in the East Village for four years, and the highly visible green bike lanes weren't zoned and created until 2010. New Yorkers (myself included) notoriously stand on the street instead of the sidewalk when they are waiting to cross - the city was smart enough to even zone a section for pedestrians to stand on the street. The amount of bicyclists definitely increased in the six years that I have lived here, (and even more so with the Citibikes) so pedestrians and drivers alike seem more conscious of bike lanes now.

I went on a 20 mile bicycle ride on Sunday. I started in the East Village and I reached the George Washington Bridge before I turned around and did it again to go home. I realized that the bike seat on my cheap 2002 Costco bike was not meant for such distances. I bought a padded seat cover in KMart, and my 12 mile bike trip last night was much more pleasant. 

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Some great murals in the Chinatown / Lower East Side area by Nick Walker.

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View of the Jersey City and Manhattan skylines from a park near the George Washington Bridge.