Weekly Snapshots

Ongoing Weekly Snapshots Series (from my Instagram)

This week New York City suffered through the annual early-July heat wave. I always focus on the fact that I sit and sleep in an air conditioned room - I'm not delivering packages or working on a construction site all day. The walk from my air conditioned apartment to an air conditioned subway train to an air conditioned building is hardly a hardship.

This weekend I saw a couple of shows at Arlene's Grocery in the Lower East Side in New York City.  No, the name isn't entirely ironic - Arlene's Grocery was in fact a grocery store before it was transformed into a rock club. I also discovered The Narrowbacks. I highly recommend checking out their music on iTunes or Spotify, mainly because I trust any band with a banjo and accordion. I think the description on their Facebook fan page explains their vibe well:

"The brain child of a future banker and a drop out bartender, The Narrowbacks are a fresh voice for songs and stories old and new. After some late night sing songs, a couple whiskeys and a few lost jobs we came up with a young punk attitude that found itself running through the veins of an old time folk band. The Narrowbacks: American First, Irish Always."

I saw one of New York City's mythical creatures - the garbage train!