I actually didn't draw a lot in college. I attended NYU, but majored in anthropology (dropped psychology major after six courses.) I spent a lot of time overcoming my learning disability and working towards a career path that wasn't right for me. I doodled a lot and focused on photography, but only really drew a couple of complete pieces.  

I drew this with charcoal pencils during my winter break of freshmen year, in January 2008. I was inspired by street art/graffiti near my dorm in the East Village. I admire artists that mix mediums and layers smoothly and meant to go that route with this drawing. (The "Voice" part was originally going to be cut and pasted from the actual newspaper) However, I always find that I instinctually edit down and focus on a simpler composition. 

I finally scanned this in for a proper digital archive. 

Photo on 6-17-13 at 5.14 PM #5.jpg
Voice WIP 1.jpg
Voice WIP.jpg
Voice Web File.jpg