On the F Train, Part 2

After woking in DUMBO, attending classes in Pratt, and dating somebody who lives in Windsor Terrace, the F train is probably the train I've used the most.


Behold, the power of Photoshop

The most valuable advice you can receive about digital photography is to shoot in raw. These files will have .nef endings, and you can edit them in Camera Raw in Photoshop. These raws files contain significantly more information than jpeg files, which will allow you to make drastic changes.

I taught myself things about aperture and shutter speed through trial and error because I bought an expensive DSLR camera and didn't have access to Photoshop (or a computer that could even handle photoshop) and therefore I couldn't correct mistakes digitally. The photo on the left would have previously been useless to me. But now, with the power of photoshop...

Original image vs digitally edited image



Despite the sunny pictures, this was a very cold day in Brooklyn. 

Windsor Terrace.jpg

Murals on Houston

One of my favorite parts about living in New York City is seeing the awesome street art while completing my errands


SoHo, West Village, and Amazon

I decided to purchase a birthday present locally in lieu of Amazon, which ended up taking me about 2 hours and 6 stores to find a specific vinyl album. I previously worked in the book industry for four years (independent college bookstore and scholarly publishing), so the concern about and comparisons to Amazon constantly came up. ("Why is this book more expensive than it is on Amazon?") Occasionally I even had to explain why I couldn't order a book for them through Amazon. Moreover, customers were used to limitless stock, where they could find an exact book or item by typing a few letters into the search bar. 

Admittedly I regretted that I didn't purchase the album on Amazon for $40 when the 3rd record store clerk (owner?) told me that he sold it that morning for $65. I had waited until the last day possible - even Amazon Prime shipping wasn't enough time. 

But what are we missing by quickly ordering something online? If I had ordered the album on Amazon, I wouldn't have learned that there are more record stores in Manhattan than I ever anticipated, or had conversations with a couple of strangers. I wouldn't have walked around Greenwich Village and SoHo as the sun was setting and snapped a few photos.

I almost didn't go into the final store - it was a "hole-in-the-wall" location in West Village that didn't look very organized, like it stocked new vinyl, or large enough to browse among another customer. (You can't open the front door all the way without hitting the shelving unit.) But lo and behold, I grabbed the first white sleeve I saw in the Beatles section, and I finally saw the vinyl I've been searching - perfect condition and $40. 



This is why reading and writing in Polish is exhausting. 



My newest illustration is easily one of my favorites. Prints and things are available on Society6, both in color and the black and white version. 

Before the final details in the digital version

Before the final details in the digital version